OpenDataKit (ODK)


Mobile Field Data Collection using OpenDataKit

Student Conference on Conservation Science (SCCS) 2015 - Bangalore

Introduce the participants to OpenDataKit (ODK) and taught practical skills to setup ODK tools for their own field data collection needs.

ODK workshop at SCCS

Hands-on Workshop on OpenDataKit

Center for Ecological Studies, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore.

Gave an overview of the OpenDataKit (ODK) toolset and did some hands-on form authoring using XLSForm. Loading the form on to the ODK collect android app, we did a short field exercise to do a tree survey around the campus.

ODK workshop at IISc

OpenDataKit at APD-India

Active volunteer at Association of People with Disability - India. Deployed a ODK-based solution to move their field registrations from paper to Android phones.

OpenDataKit(ODK) Post Receiver

A simple server to test the Z-Alpha JSON publisher of your ODK Aggregate instance.